2013-2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class (W463) fuse box diagram

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class (W463), produced between 1990 and 2018, includes models such as the G280, G300, G320, G350, G500, and G55. This article provides detailed fuse box diagrams for these models, along with information on the locations of the fuse panels within the vehicle. Additionally, you will find an explanation of the fuse assignments and relay functions, helping you understand the electrical layout of your G-Class.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the fuse #47 in the Passenger Footwell Fuse Box.

Instrument Panel

Circuit protectedFuse
21Front left door control module30
22Front right door control module30
23Dome/rear reading lamp5
24Windshield heater (SA)20
25Driver/passenger seat heater (SA)30
26Entrance lamp, entrance rail lighting (SA)7.5
27Driver seat control module, steering wheel adjustment30
28Oddments tray socket
30Air conditioning, heating recirculation unit40
32Rear left door control module30
33Rear right door control module30
34Tele Aid7.5
37Differential locks vacuum pump15
38Differential locks vacuum pump30
39Transfer case control module40
41UCP / air conditioning7.5
42Airbag indicator lamp7.5
BABS control module circuit 87 Stop light switch10
DABS control module circuit 15 Stop light switch5
FRear seat heater control module20
GAuxiliary fan20
HAuxiliary fan20

Passenger Footwell

[100C Front SAM]
Circuit protectedFuse
43aFanfare horns circuit 15R15
43bFanfare horns circuit 3015
44Telephone systems circuit 15R (SA)5
45SRS indicator lamp/control module circuit 15R7.5
46Wiper ON / OFF20
47Cigar lighter, glove compartment lamp circuit 15R15
48Term. 15 ignition coils15
49Connected to 15 SRS indicator lamp control module7.5
50Switch lighting5
51Instrument cluster7.5
53Engine management15
54Engine management15
55Term. 87 ETC/transmission7.5
56Differential locks5
57Term. 30Z EIS5
59ABS return flow pump50
62Data link connector, low beam5
63Low beam5
65Secondary air pump40
AFanfare horns relay
BTerminal 87 relay, chassis
CWiper speed 1 and 2 relay
DTerminal 15R relay
EKSG pump control relay
FAir pump relay
GTerminal 15 relay
HWiper ON/OFF relay
ITerminal 87 relay, engine
KStarter relay

Fuse Box in the center console

Circuit protectedFuse
1Term. 15R2/TES left30
2Term. 15R2/TES right30
4Fuel pump15
8Antenna module, ATA siren ATA, tilt sensor7.5
10Rear window defroster20
12Output speed sensor control module15
13Multicenter seat (SA)20
14Rear window washer system15
15Fuel tank cap release10
16Voice recognition system
20Central locking Tall gate10
LFuel pump relay
MRelay 2, terminal 15R
NRelay reserve 2
ORelay reserve 1
PRear window defroster relay
QRelay 1, terminal 15R
RFiller cap relay, polarity reverser 1
SFiller cap relay, polarity reverser 2
R1Differential Lock Relay (K36)
R2ESP Stop Lamp Suppression Relay (K55)
R3ESP High Pressure/Return Pump Relay (K60)
R4Right Auxiliary Fan Relay (K9/2)
R5Left Auxiliary Fan Relay (K9/1)

Relay module

TCentral locking (CL) relay
UN36 Cascade transmission output speed sensor
VK68 Rear window wiper relay
wK68 Rear window wiper relay
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