2012-2018 Mercedes-Benz Citan (W415) fuse box diagram

In this article, you’ll find fuse box diagrams for the Mercedes-Benz Citan (W415) from 2012 to present. It includes information on where the fuse panels are located inside the car, details about each fuse’s purpose (fuse layout), and information on relays.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Mercedes-Benz Citan are the fuses #2 (Sockets for front accessories, cigarette lighter) and #4 (Sockets for rear accessories) in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine Compartment

Fused functionAmp
F7f1Valid for engine 607: Heater module for coolant preheating60
F7f2Valid for engine 607: Heater module for coolant preheating60
F7f3Valid for engine 607: Glow output stage, dual-clutch transmission60
F7f5Circuit 30 supply fuse Body manufacturer supply power relay, radio, display, horn, diagnostic connector, brake lights switch, electric outside mirror relay, tire pressure monitoring, ESP, Run Flat Indicator (wireless), rain/light sensor, body manufacturer supply, A/C system relay, power steering relay, interior illumination70
F7f7Valid for engine 607: Auxiliary heater relay 140
F7f8Circuit 30 supply fuse Rear window heater relay, trailer hitch, vehicle interior fuse and relay module 2 prefuse, front power window switch relay (up to 05/14), left front door power window motor relay (as from 06/14)70
F7f9Valid for engine 607: Auxiliary heater relay 270
F1O/1f1Fuse and relay module (SRM)5
F10/1f2Battery sensor5
F10/1f3bleating element relay for fuel preheating25
F10/1f4Fuel pump supply relay20
F10/1f5Valid up to 05/14: CDI control unit (circuit 87), ME-SFI [ME] control unit (circuit 87), fuel pump relay (engine 607)15
F10/1f6Fuel filter condensation sensor (engine 607 up to 05/14)
Valid as of 06/14: CDI control unit (circuit 87), ME-SFI [ME] control unit (circuit 87), fuel pump relay (engine 607)
F10/2f1Fuse and relay module (SRM) control unit supply60
F10/2f2Fuse and relay module (SRM) control unit supply60
R1Engine control unit relay (up to 05/14)
R2Electric fan motor relay, stage 2
R3Fuel pump relay
R4Fuel preheating/backup lamp relay

Fuse and relay module control unit (SRM)

Fused functionAmp
N50f1Windshield wiper30
N50f4Electric power steering5
N50f5Circuit 15 relay15
N50f6Airbag, emergency tensioning retractor7.5
N50f9Climate control15
N50f10Engine functions relay, circuit 8725
N50f11Engine functions relay, circuit 8715
N50f12Backup lamp, heating element relay for fuel preheating10
N50f13CDI control unit (circuit 15), ME-SFI [ME] control unit (circuit 15)5

Front pre-fuse box

Fused functionAmp
F32f1Engine compartment 2 fuse block250
F32f3Engine compartment 1 fuse block supply, engine control unit relay (K10/3, bis 05/14), engine functions relay (N50k8, as of 06/14)40
F32f4Internal combustion engine fan motor relay (N50k3)40
F32f5Electric power steering70
F32f6Fuse and relay module supply40
F32f7Engine compartment 1 fuse block supply30

Dashboard Fuse Box

ConsumerCurrentColour code
1Trailer coupling spare socket10 A
2Sockets for front accessories, cigarette lighter10 ARed
3Seat heating relay, ESP brake light relay, body manufacturer supply relay, heating/ ventilation control panel, display, radio15 ABlue
4Sockets for rear accessories10 ARed
5Instrument panel5 ALight brown
6Door lock30 AGreen
7Hazard warning lamps, rear foglamp20 AYellow
8Heated exterior mirrors10 ARed
9Body manufacturer supply relay10 ARed
10Radio display15 ABlue
11Brake light switch, electric exterior mirror relay, wireless tyre pressure monitor, rain and light sensor, body manufacturer supply, climate control system relay, power steering relay Interior lighting10 ARed
12Ignition lock5 ALight brown
135 ALight brown
14Power windows with child-proof locks, front power window relay, rear power window relay, CAREG control unit5 ALight brown
15ABS, ESP10 ARed
16Brake light, brake light relay10 ARed
17Windscreen/rear window washer system pump20 AYellow
18Transponder, UCH5 ALight brown
19Rear power windows30 AGreen
20Seat heating, body manufacturer supply, TCU15 ABlue
21Horn, diagnostics connection15 ABlue
22Rear window washer system15 ABlue
23Heating blower20A (Climate control)
30A (Heating)
Yellow (Climate control)
Green (Heating)
24Climate control blower20 AYellow
27Electrical power windows, front40 AOrange
28Electric exterior mirrors5 AYellow
29Rear window heating30 AGreen

Relays in the Dashboard Fuse Box

K13/1Heated rear window relay
K13/2Front power window switch relay
K13/3Rear power window switch relay
K40/9k1Auxiliary heater relay 1
K40/9k2Auxiliary heater relay 2
K40/9k3Circuit 15R relay

Other interior relays

K13/4Anti-pinch protection relay
K40/10k1Circuit 61 relay
K40/10k2Circuit 15R relay
K40/11k1Seat power supply relay
K40/11k2Stop lamp relay
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