2011-2018 Toyota Dyna (U600/U800) fuse box diagram

The Toyota Dyna (U600/U800), a medium-duty truck, has been on the market from 2011 to the present day. If you’re looking for fuse box diagrams for models ranging from 2011 to 2018, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can discover where the fuse panels are located inside the vehicle and find out which fuse does what (fuse layout).

Fuse Box Number 1(in the instrument panel)

NameAmpere rating [A]Description
1CIG15Cigarette lighter
2DOOR30Power door lock system
3IG1-NO.210Gauges and meters, service reminder indicators and warning buzzer, back-up lights, back buzzer
4WIP30Windshield wipers and washer
5A/C10Air conditioning system
6IG110Back-up lights, back buzzer
7TRN10Turn signal lights, emergency flashers
8ECU-IG10Anti-lock brake system
9RR-FOG10Rear fog light
10OBD10On-board diagnosis system
11DOME10Interior lights
12ECU-B10Headlights, tail lights
13TAIL15Tail lights, front position lights, license plate lights, instrument panel lights, rear fog light
14H-LP LL10Left-hand headlight (low beam) (vehicle with daytime running light system)
15H-LP RL10Right-hand headlight (low beam) (vehicle with daytime running light system)
16H-LP LH10Left-hand headlight (high beam) (vehicle with daytime running light system)
16H-LP LH15Left-hand headlight (high beam) (vehicle without daytime running light system)
17H-LP RH10Right-hand headlight (high beam) (vehicle with daytime running light system)
17H-LP RH15Right-hand headlight (high beam) (vehicle without daytime running light system)
19HAZ10Emergency flashers
20STOP10Stop lights
21ST10Starting system
22IG210SRS airbag system
23A/C NO.210Air conditioning system
24SPARE10Spare fuse
25SPARE15Spare fuse
26SPARE20Spare fuse
27SPARE30Spare fuse
37POWER30Power window, power door lock system

Fuse Box №2 (left side of the vehicle)

NameAmpere rating [A]Description
28FOG15Fog light
29F/HTR30Front heater
30EFI110Engine control system
31ALT-S10Charging system, charging system warning light
32AM210Engine switch
34ECD25Engine control system
35E-FAN30Electric cooling fan
38PTC150PTC heater
39PTC250PTC heater
40AM130Engine switch, “CIG”, “AIR BAG” and “GAUGE” fuses
42MAIN130“HAZ”, “HORN”, “STOP” and “ECU-B” fuses
43ABS50Anti-lock brake system
44HTR40Air conditioning system
45P-MAIN30Electric cooling fan
46P-COOL RR HTR40Air conditioning system
47ABS230Anti-lock brake system
48MAIN350“TRN”, “ECU-IG”, “IG1”, “A/C”, “WIP” and “DOOR” fuses
49MAIN250“OBD”, “TAIL”, “DOME”, “RR-FOG” and “POWER” fuses
50ALT140Charging system
51GLOW80Engine glow system
52ST60Starting system
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