2009-2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe fuse box diagram


Engine compartment

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe was manufactured between 2009 and 2016. Below, you’ll find diagrams showing where the fuse boxes are located inside the car for each model year. These diagrams will help you understand which fuses are assigned to different electrical components in the vehicle.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Hyundai Genesis Coupe are located in the Instrument panel fuse box. 2009-2011 – see fuses “P/OUTLET(FR)” (Front power outlet) and “P/OUTLET” (Console power outlet). Since 2013 – fuses “C/LIGHTER” (Front Power Outlet) and “POWER OUTLET” (Console Power Outlet).
NameFuse Amp ratingProtected component
BATT130AFuse (T/LID OPEN 15A, AMP 20A, HAZARD 10A, ESCL 25A, P/WDW (RH) 25A, P/WDW (LH) 25A, ESCL 10A, ESCL SW 10A)
ABS-140AESP control module, ABS control module, Multipurpose check connector
ABS-240AESP control module, ABS control module
BLOWER40ABlower relay
HTD GLASS (RR)40AHTD glass (RR) relay, Fuse (MIRROR HTD 7.5A)
COOLING FAN50ACooling fan (HI) relay, Cooling fan (LO) relay
IGN 130AESCL (IGN1) relay, ESCL (ACC) relay, Ignition switch
IGN 240AESCL (IGN2) relay, Start relay, Ignition switch
B/UP LP10AB/UP LP relay
HORN15AHorn relay
H/LP (LO)20AH/LP (LO) relay, Fuse (H/LP LO RH 15A, H/LP LO LH 15A)
H/LP (HI)20AH/LP (HI) relay, Instrument cluster, Head lamp LH/RH
VACUUM PUMP15AVacuum pump relay
A/CON COMP10AA/Con relay
FOG LP (FR)10AFOG LP (FR) relay
TAIL15ATAIL relay, Fuse (TAIL (LH) 7.5A, TAIL (RH) 10A)
HTD GLASS (FR)15AHTD glass (FR) relay
DRL, B/HORN15AICM Relay box (Burglar alarm horn relay)
S/ROOF20ASunroof control module
H/LP LO RH15AHead lamp RH, Head lamp leveling device actuator RH, Head lamp leveling device switch
H/LP LO LH15AHead lamp LH, Head lamp leveling device actuator LH
NameFuse Amp ratingProtected component
B+50AFuse (F/PUMP 20A, ECU-1 10A), Fusible link (ECU 30A)
ECU (G4KF)30AECU main relay (ECU-2, SNSR-1, SNSR-2, INJ)
ECU (G6DA)30AECU main relay
INJ15AInjector, F/PUMP relay, ECM(G6DA)
IGN COIL20AIgnition coil, Condenser
SNSR-110AOxygen sensor (UP/DOWN), A/CON relay, Cooling fan (HI) relay, Cooling fan (LO) relay, ECM(G6DA), Mass airflow sensor (G6DA)
SNSR-2 (G4KF)15AOil control valve, Canister purge control solenoid valve, Camshaft position sensor, Crankshaft psition sensor, WGT control solenoid valve, RCV control solenoid valve, Immobilizer module
SNSR-2 (G6DA)15AOil control valve, Oil control valve(EXHAUST), ECM, Purge control solenoid valve, Immobilizer module

Instrument panel

NameFuse Amp ratingProtected component
ABS7.5AESP & Rear fog switch, ESP control module, ABS control module, Multipurpose check connector
CLUSTER/ESCL7.5ASmart key control module, PDM, Sport mode switch, BCM, Instrument cluster (IND.), Multifunction switch (Remocon)
ESCL10APDM, Smart key control module
ESCLSW10AFOB holder, Start stop button switch
START10APDM, E/R junction box(start relay), Ignition switch, Ignition lock switch, ICM relay box(B/Hron relay)
P/OUTLET(FR)15AFront power outlet
P/OUTLET15AConsole power outlet
AUDIO/ESCL7.5AAudio, Multimonitor, Power outside mirror & Mirror folding switch, BCM, PDM, Smart key control module
A/BAG15ASRS control module
T/SIG10AHazard switch
B/UP LP10ABack-up lamp switch (M/T), E/R junction box LH (B/UP LP relay)
HAZARD10AHazard switch, ICM Relay box (HAZARD relay)
STOP LP15AStop lamp switch
AUTO SHIFT LOCK7.5AE/R junction box LH (Multipurpose check connector), Data link connector, Sport mode switch, Key solenoid
FOG LP(RR)10AICM relay box (Rear fog relay)
P/SEAT(LH)30ADriver power seat switch
A/BAG IND7.5AInstrument cluster (Air bag IND.)
ECU10AECM, TCM, Stop lamp switch, SUB START relay (A/T(G4KF)), Cruise clutch pedal position switch
A/CON7.5ABCM, A/C control module, Incar temperature sensor, BLOWER relay
WIPER(FR)25AMultifunction switch (Wiper), Front wiper motor, E/R junction box LH (WIPER (FR) relay)
IGN/ESCL7.5APDM, E/R junction box LH (H/LP(HI)/(LO) relay), Vacuum switch, Sunroof control module, Electro chromic mirror, Auto head lamp leveling device sensor, Head lamp leveling device actuator LH/RH
P/WDW(LH)25ADriver safety window module
P/WDW(RH)25APassenger safety window module
SEAT HTR(DRI)10ADriver seat warmer switch
SEAT HTR(ASS)10APassenqer seat warmer switch
MIRROR HTD7.5AA/C control module, Power outside mirror LH/RH, Rear defogqer (+)
T/LID OPEN15ATrunk lid & Fuel filler door switch, T/LID relay
TAIL(LH)7.5AHead lamp LH, Rear combination lamp LH, E/R junction box LH (FOG LP(FR) relay)
TAIL(RH)10AHead lamp RH, Rear combination lamp RH, Front license lamp, Glove box lamp, Rheostat, Driver/Passenger seat warmer switch, ESP & Rear fog switch, Head lamp leveling device switch, Multimonitor, hazard switch, Audio, Rear license lamp, Driver/Passenger power window switch, Sport mode switch, A/C control module, USB/AUX jack, Instrument cluster (ILL.), Multifunction switch (Remocon)
P/CON (MEMORY)10ATrunk room lamp, Power outside mirror & Mirror folding switch, MAP lamp, Auto light & Photo sensor/Security indcator, Multimonitor, RF receiver Instrument cluster (MICOM, IND.), A/C control module, BCM, Rear parking assist buzzer, Door warning switch, Vanity lamp LH/RH


Version 1

Engine compartment

NameFuse Amp ratingProtected component
C/FAN60ACooling Fan (High) Relay, Cooling Fan (Low) Relay
B+160ASmart Junction Box ((Fuse : S/HEATER, AMP, SAFETY POWER WINDOW LH/RH), IPS 2, IPS Control Module)
BLOWER40ASmart Junction Box (Blower Relay)
ABS240AMultipurpose Check Connector, ESC Module
ABS140AMultipurpose Check Connector, ESC Module
ALT150AAlternator, Multi Fuse (ABS1, ABS2, BLOWER, B+1, C/FAN), Fuse (S/ROOF FRT, DEICER, VACUUM PUMP)
B+260ASmart Junction Box ((Fuse : HAZARD, PDM1, MODULE5, STOP LP, TRUNK, PDM2), IPS 1, ARISU 2, IPS Control Module)
B+360ASmart Junction Box ((Fuse : AUDIO, DRV P/SEAT, ROOM LP, MEMORY1, MEMORY2), ARISU 1, IPS Control Module, Leak Current Autocut Device Switch, Leak Current Autocut Device Relay)
IG230AStart Relay, IG2 Relay, Ignition Switch
IG140AIG1 Relay, ACC Relay, Ignition Switch
S/ROOF FRT20ASunroof Control Module
DEICER15ADeicer Relay
VACUUM PUMP15AVacuum Pump Relay (G4KF A/T)
DR LOCK10ASmart Junction Box (Door Lock Relay, Door Unlock Relay), ICM Relay Box (Two Turn Unlock Relay)
BRAKE SW10AStop Lamp Switch
HORN15AHorn Relay
B/UP LP10AM/T – Back-Up Lamp Switch
A/T – Rear Combination Lamp LH/RH, Electro Chromic Mirror, A/V & Navigation Head Unit
NameFuse Amp ratingProtected component
B+50AFuse (EMS 30A, ECU1 10A, F/PUMP 20A)
EMS30AEngine Control Relay
F/PUMP20AF/Pump Relay
ECU 1 (G6DJ)10AECM, TCM, Injector Drive Box
INJECTOR (G4KF)15AF/Pump Relay, Injector #1/#2/#3/#4
INJECTOR (G6DJ)15AF/Pump Relay, Fuel Pump Relay (Low), ECM
IGN COIL (G4KF)20AIgnition Coil #1/#2/#3/#4, Condenser
IGN COIL (G6DJ)20AIgnition Coil #1/#2/#3/#4/#5/#6, Condenser #1/#2
ECU 2 (G6DJ)20AInjector Drive Box
SENSOR 1 (G4KF)10ACooling Fan (High)/(Low) Relay, Oxygen Sensor (Up)/(Down)
SENSOR 1 (G6DJ)10ACooling Fan (High)/(Low) Relay, ECM, Oxygen Sensor #1/#2/#3/#4
SENSOR 2 (G4KF)15ACamshaft Position Sensor #1/#2, RCV Control Solenoid Valve, Immobilizer Module, Canister Close Valve, Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Oil Control Valve #1/#2
SENSOR 2 (G6DJ)15AECM, Oil Control Valve #1/#2/#3/#4, Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Immobilizer Module, Canister Close Valve

Instrument panel

NameFuse Amp ratingProtected component
AUDIO15AAudio, A/V & Navigation Head Unit, Multi Gauge, Multi Monitor Front Monitor, MTS Module
DRV P/SEAT30ADriver Seat Manual Switch, Driver Lumbar Support Switch
HAZARD15ABCM, Flasher Sound Relay
ROOM LP10ADriver/Passenger Door Lamp, Trunk Room Lamp Driver/Passenger Door Scuff Lamp, Vanity Lamp LH/RH Map Lamp
C/LIGHTER15AFront Power Outlet
MEMORY110ABCM, Data Link Connector, Auto Light & Photo Sensor Ignition Key ILL. & Door Warning Switch, Electro Chromic Mirror Instrument Cluster (IND. MICOM), A/C Control Module Tire Pressure Monitoring Module
MEMORY27.5ARF Receiver
ABS7.5AE/R Junction Box LH (Multipurpose Check Connector) ESC Module, ESC & PAS Switch, Steering Angle Sensor
A/BAG IND7.5AInstrument Cluster (Air Bag IND.)
A/BAG15ASRS Control Module, A/C Control Module, PODS Module
B/UP LP15ABack-Up Lamp Switch, TCM, Transmission Range Switch
MODULE310AECM, PDM, Smart Key Control Module, Injector Drive Box (G6DJ)
MODULE17.5AAMP, Audio, A/V & Navigation Head Unit, Multi Monitor, MTS Module Front Monitor, Map Lamp, Power Outside Mirror Switch
POWER OUTLET15AConsole Power Outlet
MODULE610ABCM, PDM, Smart Key Control Module
MODULE27.5AIPS Control Module, Instrument Cluster (IND, MICOM), BCM, ATM Shift Lever IND., Multifunction Switch (Remote Control), Multi Gauge, Cruise Clutch Pedal Position Switch, A/C Control Module, Auto Head Lamp Leveling Device Unit, Stop Lamp Switch, Driver/Passenger Seat Warmer Module, Electro Chromic Mirror, MTS Module, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module, Head Lamp Leveling Device Actuator LH/RH, Front Parking Assist Sensor LH/RH Rear Parking Assist Sensor Side LH/RH Rear Parking Assist Sensor Center LH/RH
MODULE57.5ASport Mode Switch (A/T), Key Solenoid
STOP LP15AStop Signal Relay
MODULE77.5ABlower Relay, Sunroof Control Module, A/C Control Module, Cluster Ionizer (Auto A/C)
MODULE47.5ABCM, PDM, IPS Control Module, Vacuum Switch E/R Junction Box LH (Vacuum Pump Relay)
WIPER FRT25AMultiFunction Switch (Wiper), Front Wiper Motor E/R Junction Box LH (Wiper FRT Relay)
START10AE/R Junction Box LH (Start Relay), Ignition Lock Switch, PDM Transmission Range Switch, ECM (G6DJ), B/Alarm Relay
BLOWER7.5AA/C Control Module
HTD MIRR7.5AA/C Control Module, Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror
TRUNK10ATrunk Lid & Fuel Filler Door Switch, ICM Relay Box (Trunk Lid Relay)
PDM210APDM, Smart Key Control Module, Start Stop Button Switch, FOB Holder
SAFETY POWER WINDOW RH25APassenger Safety Power Window Module
FOG LP RR10A(Not Used)
S/HEATER15ADriver/Passenger Seat Warmer Module
SAFETY POWER WINDOW LH25ADriver Safety Power Window Module

Version 2

Engine Compartment


Instrument panel

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