2008-2010 Saturn Vue fuse box diagram

This article covers the second-generation Saturn Vue, made from 2007 to 2010. It includes fuse box diagrams for the 2008, 2009, and 2010 models, with details on where the fuse panels are located inside the vehicle, and information about the purpose of each fuse and relay.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Saturn Vue are located in the Passenger Compartment fuse box – see fuses “CIGAR” (Cigarette Lighter), “APO1” (Accessory Power Outlet 1) and “APO2” (Accessory Power Outlet 2).

Engine Compartment

FAN MAINCooling Fan Main
REAR/WPRRear Wiper Motor
FAN AUXCooling Fan Auxiliary
ECM/ TCM/SGCMEngine Control Module/ Transmission Control Module/ Serial Data Gateway Communication Module
ECMEngine Control Module
ENG-3Engine 3
ENG-2Engine 2
ENG-1Engine 1
S/ROOFSunroof Module
HTD/SEATHeated Seat Control Module
BCMBody Control Module
STRTRStarter Motor
WPRWindshield Wiper
4WD/ESCMAll-Wheel Drive System
ABSAntilock Brake System Module
A/C CLTCHAir Conditioning Compressor
BLWR MTRBlower Motor
BLWR MTRBlower Motor
ABSAntilock Brake System Module
I/P BECInstrument Panel Bussed Electrical Center
FRT FOGFront Fog Lamps
l/P BECInstrument Panel Bussed Electrical Center
DRLDaytime Running Light
T/LAMP RTRight Marker and Parking Lamps
T/LAMP LTLeft Marker and Parking Lamps
TRLR T/LAMPTrailer Parking Lamps
HDLP HI LTPassenger Side High-Beam Headlamp
STOP LPStoplamps
DEFOGDefroster Fog
HDLP LO RTDriver Side Low-Beam Headlamp
HDLP LO LTPassenger Side Low-Beam Headlamp
HDLP HI RTDriver Side High-Beam Headlamp
OSRVM HTROutside Rearview Mirror Heating
FAN MAIN RLYCooling Fan Main Relay
FAN CTRL RLYCooling Fan Control Relay
FAN AUX RLYCooling Fan Auxiliary Relay
PWR/TRN RLYEngine Control Module/CAM, Canister, Injectors, Electronic Throttle Control Relay
STRTR RLYStarter Relay
RUN RLYRun Relay
A/C CLTCH RLYAir Conditioning Compressor Relay
WPR SPD RLYWindshield Wiper Speed Relay
HORN RLYHorn Relay
WPR CNTRL RLYWindshield Wiper Control Relay
T/LAMP RLYParking Lamp Relay
HDLP HI RLYHigh-Beam Headlamp Relay
HDLP LO RLYLow-Beam Headlamp Relay
FRT FOG RLYFront Foglamp Relay
STOP LP RLYStoplamp Relay
DEFOG RLYDefogger Relay

Passenger Compartment

PWR SEATPower Seat
PASS P/WINPassenger Side Power Window
DRIV P/WINDriver Side Power Window
S/ROOFSunroof Module
CIGARCigarette Lighter
ECM/TCMEngine Control Module (ECM)/ Transmission Control Module (TCM)
FSCMFuel Storage Control Module
ISRVMInside Rearview Mirror
CLUSTERInstrument Panel Cluster
AIR BAGAirfcag System
OSRVMOutside Rearview Mirror
KEY CAPKey Capture Solenoid
WHLS/WSteering Wheel Switch
F/DR LCKFront Driver Door Lock
APO2Accessory Power Outlet 2
BCM (VB3)Body Control Module (BCM) (VB3)
DR LCKDoor Lock
BCM (VB6)Body Control Module (VB6)
BCM (VB4)Body Control Module (VB4)
BCM (VB5)Body Control Module (VB5)
AIRCONAir Conditioner
BCM (VB7)Body Control Module (VB7)
IGN SWIgnition Switch
AIR BAGAir Bag System
WASHERWasher Pump
APO1Accessory Power Outlet 1
FSCMFuel Storage Control Module
RR CLRRear Closure
BCM (VB2)Body Control Module (VB2)
DRLDaytime Running Light
BCM (VB1)Body Control Module (VB1)
RELAY ACC/RAPAccessory, Retained Accessory Power (RAP) Relay
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