2007-2010 Dodge Sprinter fuse box diagram

The Dodge Sprinter’s second generation, manufactured between 2007 and 2010, offers comprehensive fuse box diagrams for each year: 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. These diagrams provide detailed insights into the exact locations of the fuse panels inside the vehicle. They also clarify the specific assignment of each fuse, outlining which fuse controls which electrical component within the car. This information is invaluable for understanding the precise layout and functionality of the Sprinter’s electrical systems, facilitating easier troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Dodge Sprinter are the fuses №13 (Cigarette lighter), №25 (12V socket on the bottom of the center console) in the Instrument panel fuse box, and №23 (12V socket rear left, load/passenger compartment), №24 (12V socket driver’s seat base) and №24 (12V socket rear right, load/passenger compartment) in the Fuse Box under driver’s seat.

Instrument Panel

1Horn15 A
2Electric steering lock ESTL (electronic ignition switch EIS)25 A
3Terminal 30 Z. vehicles with gasoline engine/electronic ignition switch ElS/instrument cluster10 A
4Light switch/center console switch unit5 A
5Windshield wipers30 A
6Fuel pump15 A
7MRM (Jacket tube module)5 A
8Terminal 87 (2)20 A
9Terminal 87 (3)20 A
10Terminal 87 (4)10 A
11Terminal 15 R vehicle15 A
12Airbag control unit10 A
13Cigarette lighter/glove box lighting/radio15 A
14Diagnostic socket/light switch/instrument cluster5 A
15Front heating system5 A
16Terminal 87 (1)10 A
17Airbag control unit10 A
18Terminal 15 vehicle, brake lamp switch7.5 A
19Interior lights7.5 A
20Power window co-driver’s side/terminal 30/2 signal acquisition and actuation module SAM25 A
21Engine control unit5 A
22Antilock Brake System (ABS)5 A
23Starter motor25 A
24Diesel engine components10 A
2512V socket on the bottom of the center console25 A
Fuse block F55/1
1Control panel, left door25 A
2Diagnostic socket10 A
3Brake system (valves)25 A
4Brake system (delivery pump)40 A
5Terminal 87 (5), vehicles with gasoline engine7.5 A
6Terminal 87 (6), vehicles with gasoline engine7.5 A
7Headlamp cleaning system30 A
8Anti-theft alarm system (ATA)15 A
Fuse block F55/2
10Radio15 A
11Telephone7.5 A
12Front blowers30 A
14Seat heating/center console switch unit30 A
15Non MB-body electrics10 A
16Heating, rear heating/ Tempmatic (air-conditioning system), front/CD-player10 A
17Motion detector/convenience interior lighting/ satellite radio10 A
18Air conditioning in the rear7.5 A

Fuse Box under driver’s seat

1Mirror adjustment5 A
2Rear window wiper30 A
3Reversing camera/ telephone5 A
4Operating speed governor (ADR)/PTO/trailer connection unit AAG7.5 A
5Terminal 87 electronic transmission control ETC, control unit10 A
7Electronic selector level module ESM7.5/15 A
8Terminal 15 body builder, drop side/3-way tipper10 A
9Roof ventilator/audio signal equipment15 A
10Terminal 30, tapping wire body builder25 A
11Terminal 15, tapping wire body builder15 A
12D+, tapping wire body builder10 A
13Auxiliary indication modul10 A
14Trailer socket20 A
15Trailer recognition device25 A
16Tir pressure monitoring system (TPMS)/ Parktronic system (PTS)7.5 A
17PSM control unit25 A
18PSM control unit25 A
19Overhead control panel/ sliding sunroof5/25 A
20Clearance lamps7.5 A
21Rear window heating30/15 A
22Rear window heating 215 A
2312V socket rear left, load/passenger compartment15 A
2412V socket driver’s seat base15 A
2512V socket rear right, load/passenger compart-ment/Auxiliary heating blower speed 115 A
26Auxiliary heating25 A
27Heater booster25/20 A
28Air conditioning in the rear30 A
31Blower unit, rear heating30 A
33Electric sliding door, right30 A
34Electric sliding door, left30 A
35Brake booster30 A

Pre-fuse box

1Pre-glow relay/secondary air pump80/40 A
2Engine fan air-conditioning system80 A
3Signal acquisition and actuation module SAM/fuse and relay block SRB80 A
4Auxiliary battery in the engine compartment150 A
5Termina130 fuse boxes, signal acquisition and actuation module SAM/fuse and relay block SRB150 A
6Connecting point in driver’s seat baseBridge
7Heater booster (PTC)150 A
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