2006-2011 Honda Civic Hybrid fuse box diagram

We explore the eighth-generation Honda Civic Hybrid, manufactured between 2006 and 2011. It provides fuse box diagrams for each year model, details where the fuse panels are located inside the car, and explains the purpose of each fuse.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Honda Civic Hybrid are the fuses #28 (Rear ACC Socket) and #29 (ACC Socket) in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine compartment

Fuse numberFuse Amps.Circuits Protected
1100 AMain Fuse
170 AEPS
260 AOption Main
250 AIgnition Switch Main
330 AABS Motor
340 AABS F/S
450 AHeadlight Main
440 APower Window Main
540 ABooster Motor
620 ASub Fan Motor
720 AMain Fan Motor
830 ARear Defogger
940 ABlower
1010 AHazard
1115 AFI Sub
1215 AStop and Horn
1315 AIG Coil (EX)
1415 AIG Coil (IN)
157.5 AOil Level
16Not Used
17Not Used
1820 AIG Coil
1915 AFI Main
207.5 AMG Clutch
2115 ADBW
227.5 AInterior Light
2310 ABack Up

Underhood secondary fuse box

Fuse Number .Fuse Amps.Circuits Protected
110 AIMA2
27.5 AIMA1
315 ABooster MS

Passenger compartment

Fuse Number.Fuse Amps.Circuits Protected
17.5 APower Window
215 AFuel Pump
47.5 AABS (ABS/VSA) Unit
515 ASeat Heater (Optional)
6Not Used
77.5 ATPMS (Optional)
8Not Used
97.5 AODS
107.5 AMETER
1110 ASRS
1210 ARight Headlight High Beam
1310 ALeft Headlight High Beam
147.5 ASmall (Interior)
157.5 ASmall (Exterior)
1610 ARight Headlight Low Beam
1710 ALeft Headlight Low Beam
1820 AHeadlight High Main
1915 ASmall (Main)
20Not Used
2120 AHeadlight Low Main
22(7.5 A)(HAC)
23(7.5 A)STS
24Not Used
2520 ADoor Lock
2620 ADriver’s Power Window
27Not Used
28(15 A)Rear ACC Socket
2915 AACC
3020 APassenger’s Power Window
31Not Used
3220 ARight Rear Power Window
3320 ALeft Rear Power Window
34Not Used
357.5 AACC, Radio
3610 AHAC
377.5 ADaytime Running Light
3830 AWiper
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