2004-2009 Chrysler Aspen fuse box diagram

Chrysler Aspen was produced from 2004 to 2009. In this article, you will find fuse box diagrams of Chrysler Aspen 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the function of each fuse.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Chrysler Aspen is the fuse F18 in the Interior fuse box.

Interior fuse box

CavityMini Fuse/ColorDescription
F115 Amp BlueInstrument Cluster Battery Feed
F210 Amp RedSpare
F310 Amp RedIgnition Run/Start for Next Generation Controller (NGC), Integrated Power Module (IPM), AC Relay and Fuel Pump Relay
F410 Amp RedDoor Node and Non-Memory Power Mirror Switch Battery Feed
F5(2) 10 Amp RedAirbags (2 Fuses in Yellow Holder)
F62 Amp ClearIgnition Run/Start Unlock
F725 Amp NaturalRadio Battery Feed
F810 Amp RedIgnition Run/Start for Cluster/Transfer Case/Seat Sw. Back lighting
F910 Amp RedSatellite Digital Audio Receiver (SDAR)/ Digital Video Disc (DVD) Battery Feed
F1010 Amp RedSpare
F1110 Amp RedHeated Mirrors
F1220 Amp YellowCluster Battery Feed
F1310 Amp RedIgnition Run HVAC Module/Heated Rear Glass (EBL) Relay
F1410 Amp RedABS Module Ignition Run
F1515 Amp BlueBattery Feed Blue Tooth, Compass/Trip Computer (CMTC), Sentry Key Diagnostics
F1620 Amp YellowReconfigurable Power Outlets
F1720 Amp YellowIgnition Run / Rear Park Assist / Second Row Heated Seats
F1820 Amp YellowCigar Lighter Ignition
F1910 Amp RedSpare Fuse
F2015 Amp BlueHeating & Air Conditioning w/ATC Only Battery Feed
F2125 Amp NaturalAmplifier Battery Feed
CB125 Amp Circuit BreakerSunroof Motor, Power Window

Power Distribution Center

CavityCartridge Fuse / RelayMini FuseDescription
130 Amp PinkStarter
230 Amp PinkFront Wiper
340 Amp GreenBrake Batt
430 Amp PinkJB Feed Acc # 2
540 Amp GreenPower Seats
630 Amp PinkRun Remote Relay Feed
740 Amp GreenBlower Motor Relay Feed
840 Amp GreenJB Feed Acc Delay
1030 Amp PinkASD
1140 Amp GreenPower Liftgate ( If Equipped)
1240 Amp GreenJB Feed / Heated Rear Glass (EBL)/ T Case Brake
1330 Amp PinkJB Feed RR
1440 Amp GreenESP Pump
1550 Amp RedJB Feed
1610 Amp RedSpare
1820 Amp YellowFuel Pump
1920 Amp YellowNext Generation Controller (NGC)
2025 Amp Clear115v Power Inverter
2120 Amp YellowABS Batt
2220 Amp YellowNext Generation Controller (NGC) Batt
2320 Amp YellowTrailer Tow
2415 Amp BlueA/C Clutch
2515 Amp BlueStop Lamp Switch
2720 Amp YellowRun/Start Relay Feed
29RelayRun Start
30RelayRun Remote
33RelayElectronic Automatic Transaxle (EATX)
34RelayAC Clutch
35RelayFuel Pump Rly
37RelayStop Lamp Switch
39RelayBlower Motor
40RelayAuto Shut Down (ASD) Rly

Integrated Power Module

CavityCartridge Fuse / RelayMini FuseDescription
1RelayWiper On/Off Rly
2RelayWiper Hi/Lo Rly
3RelayHorn Rly
4RelayRear Wiper Rly
5RelayLt Trailer-Tow Stop/ Turn Rly
6RelayRt Trailer-Tow Stop/ Turn Rly
7RelayPark Lamps Rly
810 Amp RedLt Park Lamps
910 Amp RedTrailer-Tow Park Lamps
1010 Amp RedRt Park Lamps
11RelayRadiator Fan Hi Rly
1220 Amp YellowFront Control Module (FCM) Batt #4
1320 Amp YellowFront Control Module (FCM) Batt #2
1420 Amp YellowAdjustable Pedal
1520 Amp YellowFt Fog Lamps
1620 Amp YellowHorn
1720 Amp YellowRear Wiper
1820 Amp YellowFront Control Module (FCM) Batt #1
1920 Amp YellowLt Trailer-Tow Stop/ Turn
2020 Amp YellowFront Control Module (FCM) Batt #3
2120 Amp YellowRt Trailer-Tow Stop/ Turn
2230 Amp PinkFront Control Module (FCM) BATT # 5
2340 Amp GreenRadiator Fan
24RelayRadiator Fan Lo Rly
25RelayFt Fog Lamps Rly
26RelayAdjustable Pedal Rly
2730 Amp GreenIgnition Off Draw (IOD) #1
2830 Amp GreenIgnition Off Draw (IOD) #2
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