2002-2008 BMW 7-Series (E65/E66/E67/E68) fuse box diagram

The BMW 7-Series fourth generation (E65/E66/E67/E68) was made from 2001 to 2008. For this model, you can find diagrams showing where the fuse boxes are located inside the car. These diagrams also tell you which fuses control which parts of the car, such as lights or electronics. They cover models like the 730i, 730d, 735i, 740i, 740d, 745i, 745d, 750i, and 760i from the years 2002 to 2008.

Fuse Box Location

Glove compartment: Open the glove compartment, press the tab on the cover to the front, then fold down the cover.

Luggage compartment: It is located on the right side, behind the cover. Pull the handle to fold down the trim on the right
Glove Compartment
Luggage compartment

Glove compartment

Protected Component
120AIndependent/Auxiliary Heating Control Unit
25AAntenna Tuner, Digital Tuner (USA)
330AChassis Integration Module (CIM)
4Not Used
57.5AControl Display, Control Unit for Rear Compartment Display, Centre Console Control Centre, Phone board, Rear Compartment Centre Console Control Centre
65ACD Changer
77.5AActive Cruise Control (ACC) Control Unit
810ADynamic Drive Control Unit
95ATyre Pressure Control (RDC) Control Unit
1015AA/C Control Unit
117.5ARear Compartment Monitor
1220ASteering Column Switch Cluster
135AElectronic Damper Control (EDC) Control Unit
1415AElectronic Damper Control Power-Saving Relay
1515ASafety Information Module (SIM (2002-2004)), Driver’s Seat Satellite, Passenger’s Seat Satellite, Central Gateway Module (ZGM (2002-2004)), Safety and Gateway Module (2004-2008)
16Not Used
175ADynamic Stability Control (DSC) Control Unit, Light Switch Unit
185AAdaptive Headlight
1930ARear Left Door Module
2025ADynamic Stability Control (DSC) Control Unit
2130AFront Left Door Module
2215AN52, M54, M57, M67: Mechatronics (EGS)
2330AFront Left Seat Module (LHD), Front Right Seat Module (RHD)
2410AElectronic Night Vision Module
25Not Used
26Not Used
27Not Used
2815AInstrument Cluster
297.5AOBD-2 Socket
305AHydrogen: Clean Energy Module
3010AM57: Electronic Damper Control Power-Saving Relay, Fuel Heater Relay, Starter Relay, E-Box Fan, Crankshaft Breather Heating (TU2), Exhaust Flap (TU2)
M67: Electronic Damper Control Power-Saving Relay, Fuel Heater Relay, Starter Relay, E-Box Fan
M54, N52: Electronic Damper Control Power-Saving Relay, Exhaust Flap, Starter Relay, E-Box Fan, Secondary Air Pump Relay (M54)
3120AFront Cigar Lighter, Rear Cigarette Lighter
3220ARear Charging Socket, Front Socket (2006-2008)
337.5AInstrument Cluster, Car Access Control Unit (2005-2008)
345AAntenna Amplifier with Remote Control Receiver, Integrated Supply Module (IVM (2005-2008) – N62, N73, Alpina), Clean Energy Module (2006-2008)
3540AWiper Module
3650ALight Module
3740ABlower Output Stage
38Not Used
3950ADynamic Stability Control (DSC) Control Unit
4060AN62, Alpina, N73, Hydrogen: Integrated Supply Module (IVM)
M54: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit, DME Relay, Fuse №: “01”, “02”, “03”, “04”, “05”
N52: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit, DME Relay, Fuse №: “05”, “09”, “010”
4150AM57, M67: Fuel Heater Relay
4250ACar Access Control Unit
4350ACigar Lighter Relay
4450A2002-2003: Light Module

Luggage compartment

Protected Component
5115AWiper Park Position Heating Relay
5215ACooler Box
535AAntenna Amplifier with Remote Control Receiver
545AComfort Access Control Unit
5530ARear Compartment Seat Heating Control Unit
5630AFront Right Seat Module (LHD), Front Left Seat Module (RHD)
5715ARear Seat Satellite
5830AFront Right Door Module
595AParking Brake Control Unit (PBR)
6030ARear Right Door Module
6130AParking Brake Control Unit (PBR)
6230AAir Supply System (Air Suspension)
6320ASunroof Module
E67: Flashing Beacon Switch
64Not Used
6530AHiFi Amplifier, Audio System Controller, Headset Interface
6620ATrailer Socket
Sunroof Module
E67: Flashing Beacon Switch
6730ATrailer Module
Hydrogen: Electric Water Pump
68Not Used
695AE67: Pin puller Control Unit (Windscreen Emergency Exit)
70Not Used
715ALuggage Compartment Fan Relay
727.5AAir Suspension Control Unit
7320ARight B-Pilar Satellite
7430ATrailer Module
7530ARear Right Seat Module (LHD), Rear Left Seat Module (RHD)
7610ANavigation Control Unit, Video Module, Multimedia Changer, Digital Tuner (except Japan), Satellite Receiver (except Japan), VICS Receiver (2002-2003 – Japan)
775ARear Compartment Air Conditioning Control Unit
7830ARear Left Seat Module (LHD), Rear Right Seat Module (RHD)
7910Aexcept Japan: Telephone Transceiver, Voice Input Control Unit, Mobile Phone (Compensator), Autarkic Rear Compartment Telephone
Japan: Flexible Bus Interface (FBI), JBIT II (Noise Suppressor Filter), Voice Input Control Unit
8040A2006-2008: Air Supply System Relay (Air Compressor)
8150ABoot Lid/Tailgate Module
82Not Used
8340ARear Compartment Air Conditioning Blower Output Stge
84Not Used
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