2002-2005 Volkswagen Touareg fuse box diagram

The first-generation Volkswagen Touareg (7L) made between 2002 and 2005, you’ve come to the right place. These diagrams show you where the fuse panels are inside the car and explain which fuses and relays are assigned to each function. It’s helpful if you need to replace a fuse or understand how the electrical components are organized in your Touareg.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Volkswagen Touareg are the fuses #1 (Cigarette lighter), #3 (12 V socket rear right, rear cigarette lighter), #5 (12 V socket 2 front Centre console, 12 V socket 3 rear) in the Left Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine compartment


S1Fan 160
S2Fan 230
S3Secondary air pump motor40
S43.2L: Not assigned
4,2L: Secondary air pump motor 2
S5Not assigned
S6Not assigned
S73.2L: Ignition coils for cylinders 1-3, injectors for cylinders 1-3
4.2L: Ignition coils with final output stages for cylinders 1-8
S83.2L: Ignition coils for cylinders 4-6, injectors for cylinders 4-6
4.2L: Injectors cylinders 1-8
S93.2L: Engine control unit, inlet camshaft control valve, exhaust camshaft control valve, variable intake manifold changeover valve
4.2L: Engine control unit, inlet camshaft control valve 1, exhaust camshaft control valve 2, intake manifold changeover valve, intake manifold change-over valve 2
S103.2L: Tank leak diagnosis, high-pressure sender for air conditioning system, activated charcoal filter valve, radiator fan control unit, radiator fan control unit 2, brake servo relay
4.2L: Tank leak diagnosis, high-pressure sender for air conditioning system, activated charcoal filter system solenoid valve 1, activated charcoal filter system solenoid valve 2, radiator fan control unit, radiator fan control unit 2, regulating valve for air conditioner compressor, Climatronic control unit, oil level/oil temperature sender
S113.2L: Oil level/ oil temperature sender, regulating valve for air conditioner compressor, Climatronic control unit
4.2L: Secondary air inlet valve
S123.2L: Secondary air pump relay, run-on pump relay, additional coolant pump relay
4.2L: Secondary air pump relay
S13Fuel pump 215
S14Fuel pump 115
S153.2L: Motronic current supply relay land 2
4.2L: Engine control unit, Motronic current supply relay, fuel pump relay, electric fuel pump II relay
S163.2L: Continued circulation of coolant pump, vacuum pump for brakes
4.2L: Brake servo relay, vacuum pump for brakes, continued coolant circulation relay, coolant pump, circulation pump (only models with auxiliary coolant heater)
S173.2L: Lambda probes before catalytic converter
4.2L: Cylinder bank 1 Lambda probe before catalytic converter, cylinder bank 2 Lambda probe 2 before catalytic converter
S183.2L: Lambda probes after catalytic converter
4.2L: Lambda probe after catalytic converter for cylinder bank 1, Lambda probe 2 after catalytic converter for cylinder bank 2
A13.2L: Motronic current supply relay 2 – J670 (53)
4,2L: Not assigned
A2Not assigned
A33.2L: Motronic current supply relay – J271 (167)
4.2L: Motronic current supply relay – J271 (614)
A4Secondary air pump relay – J299 (100)
A5Relay for additional coolant pump – J496 (404)
A63.2L: Fuel pump relay – J17 (404)
4.2L: Electric fuel pump 2 relay – J49 (404)
B1Not assigned
B2Not assigned
B3Not assigned
B4Not assigned
B5Not assigned
B6Brake servo relay – J569 (404), only models with automatic gearbox
C193.2L: Electric fuel pump 2 relay – J49 (404)
4.2L: Fuel pump relay – J17 (404)
C20Terminal 50 voltage supply relay – J682 (433)


S1Fan 160
S2Fan 230
S35.0L: Glow plugs 1
2.5L: Glow plug 1-5
3.0L: Glow plug 1-6
60 / 80
S45.0L: Glow plugs 2
2,5, 3.0L: Not assigned
60 / 80
S5Not assigned
S65.0L: Start relevant equipment, fuel pump, ignition system (only models with second battery)
2,5, 3.0L: Not assigned
S75.0L: Fuel cooling, additional coolant pump
2.5L: Not assigned
3.0L: Fuel pressure regulating valve, fuel metering valve, coolant pump
S85.0L: Engine control unit 2
2,5, 3.0L: Not assigned
S92,5, 5.0L: Engine control unit 1
3.0L: Diesel direct injection system control unit
S105.0L: Air conditioning system pressure sensor, exhaust gas recirculation valve, fuel pump relay, radiator fan control unit, radiator fan control unit 2
2.5L: Exhaust gas recirculation valve, charge pressure control solenoid valve, crankcase breather heater element, high-pressure sender for air conditioning system, regulating valve for air conditioner compressor, fuel pump relay, radiator fan control unit, radiator fan control unit 2, Climatronic/Climatic control unit, continued coolant circulation relay, fuel cooling pump relay, variable intake manifold flap changeover valve, radiator changeover valve, exhaust gas recirculation
3.0L: Automatic glow period control unit, exhaust gas recirculation valve, exhaust gas recirculation cooler changeover valve, intake manifold flap motor, intake manifold flap 2 motor, throttle valve control module, turbocharger 1 control unit, air conditioning compressor regulating valve, additional coolant pump relay, air conditioning system control unit, Climatronic control unit, radiator fan control unit, radiator fan control unit 2, high-pressure sender, variable intake manifold changeover valve, fuel pump relay
S115.0L: Map-controlled engine cooling system thermostat, air conditioner compressor regulating valve, oil level/oil temperature sender, control motors for turbocharger 1 and 2, motor for intake manifold flaps 1 and 2
2,5, 3.0L: Oil level and oil temperature sender
S125.0L: Glow plug relays 1 and 2, additional coolant pump, fuel cooling, brake pedal switch for cruise control system
2.5L: Glow plug relay, continued coolant circulation relay, brake pedal switch
3.0L: Brake pedal switch
S135.0L: Fuel pump 115
S132.5L: Fuel system pressurization pump, fuel pump, tank circuit pressurisation relay, fuel cooling pump
3.0L: Tank circuit pressurisation relay, fuel system pressurisation pump, fuel pump, circulation pump
S14Not assigned
S153,0, 5.0L: Terminal 30 voltage supply relay
2.5L: Not assigned
S165.0L: Battery parallel circuit relay
2,5, 3.0L: Not assigned
S175.0L: Lambda probe diesel 1 and 2
2.5L: Not assigned
3.0L: Lambda probe
S18Not assigned
A15.0L: Terminal 30 voltage supply relay – J317 (207)
2.5L: Fuel pump relay – J17 (53)
3.0L: Not assigned
A25.0L: Terminal 30 voltage supply relay 2 – J689 (207)
2.5L: Terminal 30 voltage supply relay – J317 (109)
3.0L: Terminal 30 voltage supply relay – J317 (219)
A32,5, 5.0L: Not assigned
3.0L: Automatic glow period control unit – J179 (639)
A45.0L: Glow plug relay – J52 (202)
2.5L: Glow plug relay – J52 (103)
3.0L: Not assigned
A5Relay for additional coolant pump – J496 (404)
A62,5, 5.0L: Fuel cooling pump relay – 3445 (404)
3.0L: Not assigned
B1Not assigned
B23,0, 5.0L: Fuel pump relay – J17 (53)
2.5L: Not assigned
B35.0L: Glow plugs relay 2 – J495 (202)
2,5, 3.0L: Not assigned
B45.0L: Terminal voltage supply relay 1 – J701 (100)
2,5, 3.0L: Not assigned
B5Not assigned
B6Not assigned
C19Tank circuit pressurisation relay – J715 (404) only with auxiliary coolant heater
C20Terminal 50 voltage supply relay – J682 (433)

Pre-fuse box

(under driver seat)

SD1Left fuse box150
SD2Right fuse box150
SD3Right fuse box60
SD4E-box, left fuse holder60
SD5Terminal 15 relay60
SD7Battery parallel circuit250
SD9Onboard supply control unit5
SD10Onboard supply control unit10
SD11Diagnostic starter cable5
SD12Not assigned
SD13Adaptive suspension compressor motor40
SD14Not assigned
1Battery master/isolator switch – E74
2Terminal 15 voltage supply relay – J329 (100 or 433, according to equipment)
3Second battery charging circuit relay – J713

Relay panel E-Box

D1Servotronic control unit – J236 (463)
D2Power latching system relay – J714 (404)
D3Adaptive suspension compressor relay – J403 (373)
D4Not assigned
D5Air conditioning system relay – J32 (100)
D6Fresh air blower 2nd speed relay – J486 (404) only models with a manually operated air conditioning system
D7Heated rear window relay – J9 (53)
D8Heated seat relay – J83 (404), up to 01.2003
D9Brake light suppression relay – J508 (444)
E1Solar cell isolation relay – J309 (79)
E2Spare wheel release relay – J732 (404)
E3Air conditioning system relay – J32 (53)
E4Circulation pump relay – J160 (404)
E5Start relevant consumers relay (432), only 5.0L diesel engine
E6Not assigned
E7Headlight washer system relay – J39 (53)
E8Residual heat relay – J708 (404), only models with 3.2L or 4.2L petrol engines
E9Not assigned

Instrument Panel


SB1Cigarette lighter20
SB2Remote control receiver for auxiliary coolant heater, circulation pump, coolant5
SB312 V socket (rear right), rear cigarette lighter20
SB4Auxiliary coolant heater/supplementary heater15 / 20
SB512 V socket 2 (front centre console), 12 V socket 3 (rear)20
SB6Entry and start authorisation control unit15
SB7Aerial selection control unit, diagnostic connection5
SB8Windscreen wiper motor30
SB9Onboard supply control unit/washer pump15
SB10Window regulator rear left25
SB11Rear left door central locking/control unit, front left15
SB12Onboard supply control unit, interior lighting20
SB13Not assigned
SB14Window regulator front left25
SB15Convenience system central control unit, bulbs for right brake and tail lights15
SB16Onboard supply control unit/fanfare20
SB17Onboard supply control unit/turn signal, left side light10
SB18Headlight washer system pump20
SB19Onboard supply control unit/fog light15
SB20Not assigned
SB21Onboard supply control unit15
SB22Axle differential lock control unit30
SB23Axle differential lock control unit, anti-roll bar uncoupling control unit10
SB24Tyre pressure monitor control unit5
SB25Steering column and belt height adjustment control unit15
SB26Airbag system, engine control unit, dash panel insert, battery master/isolator switch, brake pedal switch (4.2L engine) – clutch pedal switch (3.2L engine. 3.0L engine), brake light suppression relay for ESP (4.2L engine), air mass meter 1 and 2 (5.0L engine), air mass meter (2.5L engine, 3.0L engine)5
SB27Not assigned
SB28Not assigned
SB29Not assigned
SB30Not assigned
SB31Not assigned
SB32Not assigned
SB33Steering column electronics control unit, steering wheel heater15
SB34Anti-theft alarm system, regulators for front and rear seat heaters (to 10.2003), anti-theft alarm ultrasonic sensor, vehicle inclination sender5
SB35Onboard supply control unit, left dipped beam, main beam15
SB36Onboard supply control unit10
SB37Not assigned
SB38Brake light switch10
SB39Air conditioning system relay, X-contact relay, terminal 15 voltage supply relay, dash panel insert, seat heater relay (to 10.2003), heated rear window, transport mode relay5
SB40Control unit in dash panel insert5
SB41Entry and start authorisation control unit15
SB42Sliding sunroof adjustment control unit30
SB43Not assigned
SB44Left seat longitudinal adjustment, seat rake adjuster (no memory), left seat longituainai adjustment / steering column adjustment control unit30
SB45Left seat height adjuster, left backrest adjuster, left and right rear seat heater control unit30
SB46Not assigned
SB47Axle differential lock control unit10
SB48Not assigned
SB49Servotronic control unit, anti-roll bar uncoupling control unit5
SB50Crankcase breather heater element, secondary air inlet valve10
SB51Air quality sensor, contact switch for parking brake, diagnostic connection, transport mode relay5
SB52Rear window wiper motor30
SB53Exterior mirror heater, light switch, steering column electronics control unit5
SB54Headlight range control10
SB55Air conditioning system relay, fresh air blower relay for 2nd speed15
SB56Solar cell isolation relay, motor for front Bitron blower regulation40
SB57Motor for rear Bitron blower regulation40
SC1Electric socket for trailer coupling (Hella), trailer detector control unit (Westfalia)15
SC2Parking aid control unit5
SC3Trailer detector control unit15
SC4Telematics, telephone5
SC5Trailer detector control unit (Westfalia)15
SC6ABS with EDL control unit30
SC7Transfer box control unit5
SC8Onboard supply control unit/supplementary driving light20
SC9Not assigned
SC10TV tuner5
SC11Radio, control unit with display for radio and navigation system10
SC12Sound system amplifier30
SC13Not assigned
SC14Convenience system central control unit, bulbs for left brake and tail lights15
SC15Rear right window regulator25
SC16Luggage compartment lights10
SC17Onboard supply control unit, right dipped beam / main beam15
SC18Heated rear window relay30
SC19Not assigned
SC20Not assigned
SC21Spare wheel release10
SC22Heated driver seat control unit heated front passenger seat control unit30
SC23Climatronic control unit10
SC24Front passenger seat adjustment with memory control unit30
SC25Rear Climatronic operating and display unit5
SC26Not assigned
SC27Adaptive suspension control unit15
SC28Not assigned
SC29Automatic gearbox control unit10
SC30Power latching system relay20
SC31Convenience system central control unit15
SC32Front passenger door control unit, Rear right door control unit10
SC34Window regulator front right25
SC35Onboard supply control unit/turn signal, right side light10
SC36Roof module, telephone, compass module (vehicle position recognition control5
SC37Not assigned
SC38TCS and ESP button
ABS with EDL control unit
SC39Heated windscreen relay for left side, heated windscreen relay for right side.5
SC40Transfer box control unit10
SC41Trailer detector control unit (Westfalia)10
SC42Garage door operation control unit, garage door opener warning lamp5
SC43Reversing light switch5
SC44Regulators for front and rear seat heaters (from 11.2003)5
SC45Not assigned5
SC46Not assigned
SC47Not assigned
SC48Adaptive suspension control unit10
SC49Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror, Telephone5
SC50Anti-roll bar uncoupling button5
SC51Automatic gearbox control unit20
SC52Tiptronic switch, selector lever lock for position P solenoid, multifunction switch5
SC53Heated windscreen relay for left side30
SC54Heated windscreen relay for right side30
SC55Not assigned
SC56ABS with EDL control unit40
SC57Transfer box control unit40
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