2000-2006 Hyundai Accent (LC) fuse box diagram

The Hyundai Accent LC, second generation (2000-2006), has fuse box diagrams available. These diagrams show where the fuse panels are located inside the car and detail which fuses and relays are assigned to different functions. They provide information on how to locate specific fuses and understand their purposes.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Hyundai Accent is the fuse #15 in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine compartment


Auxiliary fuse box (diesel only)

ALT120ACharging (Generator)
BATTERY50AFuse 6, 7, 8, 9, Horn fuse, Room lamp fuse
LAMP50ALeft headlamp, DRL control, Instrument cluster
ECU20AEngine control relay, Generator, Fuel pump relay, ECU #3 fuse
IGN30AIgnition power source, Start relay
RAD FAN20ARadiator fan control
BLOWER30ABlower control
ABS30AABS control, ABS bleeding connector
ABS30AABS control, ABS bleeding connector
P/WDW30APower window
COND FAN20ACondenser fan control
HTR60AAssist Heater
HTR30AAssist Heater
GLOW80AGlow Plug relay
F/HTR30AFuel Heater
ECU #110ARadiator fan, Condenser fan, ECM, Oxygen sensor, Purge control valve, SMATRA, Glow plug relay, Heater relay, Stop lamp switch
A/CON COMP10AA/C relay
HORN10AHorn relay
TAIL LH10AIllumination lamps, Left rear combination lamp, License lamp, DRL control, Position lamp, H/LP washer relay
TAIL RH10ARight rear combination lamp, License lamp, Position lamp
H/LP LH10ARight headlamp
H/LP RH10AHeadlamp washer motor
FRONT FOG15AFront fog lamp relay
ROOM LP10AInstrument cluster, Courtesy lamp, Trunk room lamp, ETACM, DLC, Door warning, Multipurpose check connector
AUDIO15AAudio, Digital clock, Power antenna, A/C switch, Rear fog lamp switch
ECU #215AIdle speed actuator, ECM, Camshaft position sensor, EGR actuator, Throttle plate actuator
H/L WASHER25AHead lamp washer motor
F/PUMP CHK (E50)Fuel pump relay, Fuel pump motor

Passenger compartment

110AECM, A/T shift lever, Transaxle range switch, Mass airflow sensor, Vehicle speed sensor, Water sensor
210AETACM, Pre-Excitation resistor, Instrument cluster, Seat belt timer
310AInstrument cluster
510AHeadlamp, Power window, Headlamp leveling, Headlamp washer, ETACM, Front fog lamp, Blower control, Rear intermittent washer, Fuel filter relay
610APower door lock
710AHazard warning, ETACM
810AStop lamp, A/T shift lever, A/T key interlock solenoid
920ARear window defogger
1010AHeadlamp, Power window, Headlamp leveling, Headlamp washer, ETACM, Front fog lamp, Blower control, Rear intermittent washer, Fuel filter relay
1120AFront wiper & washer
1220ASeat warmer
1310AABS control, ABS bleeding
1410ADigital clock, Audio, A/T shift & key lock control module
1515ACigarette lighter
1610APower outside mirror
1710ARear window & outside mirror defogger
1820ARear wiper
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