2000-2004 Toyota Avalon (XX20) fuse box diagram

The second-generation Toyota Avalon (XX20) was produced from 1999 to 2004. This guide provides fuse box diagrams for the 2000-2004 models, details the locations of the fuse panels inside the car, and explains the function of each fuse.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Toyota Avalon are the fuses #39 “PWR OUTLET NO.1”, #43 “PWR OUTLET NO.2” and #53 “CIG” in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine Compartment


Relay Box

Ampere rating [A]
24HEAD LH UPR10Left-hand headlight (high beam), high beam indicator light
25HEAD RH UPR10Right-hand headlight (high beam)

Passenger Compartment

Ampere rating [A]
26ECU-IG NO. 15Electric cooling fans
27ECU-B7,5Air conditioning system, theft deterrent system, power seats, meters, power windows (for driver and front passenger), multiplex communication system
28TAIL10Parking lights, license plate lights, tail lights, rear side marker lights, rear light failure warning light, engine control system
29SEAT HTR20Seat heaters
30FR P/W20Power window (for front passenger)
31GAUGE NO.110Vehicle skid control system, rear window defogger, cruise control system, shift lock system, anti-lock brake system, auto anti-glare inside rear view mirror, automatic light control system, power seats, rear light failure warning light, automatic transmission indicator lights, power outlet, power window (for driver), brake system warning light, electric moon roof
32HTR10Air conditioning system
33FOG15Front fog lights
34TURN7,5Turn signal lights
35A/C10Air conditioning system
36RADIO15Audio system, multi-information display
37PANEL5Gauges and meters, audio system, cigarette lighter, air conditioning system, emergency flasher, electronically controlled automatic transmission system, power rear view mirrors, multi-information display, glove box light, instrument panel lights, instrument panel light control, power outlet
38FL P/W25Power window (for driver)
39PWR OUTLET NO.115Power outlet (ACC)
40ECU-ACC5Audio system, power rear view mirrors, multi-information display, shift lock system, multiplex communication system
41SRS-ACC10SRS airbag system
42MIR HTR10Outside rear view mirror defoggers, engine control system
43PWR OUTLET NO.215Power outlet (IG)
44GAUGE NO.210Back-up lights
45OBD-II7,5On-board diagnosis system
46STOP15Stop lights, high mounted stoplight, anti-lock brake system, shift lock system, cruise control system, vehicle skid control system, engine control system
47DOME7,5Interior lights, front personal lights, door courtesy lights, ignition switch light, vanity lights, garage door opener, open door warning light, illuminated entry system, rear personal lights, automatic light control system, trunk light, wireless remote control system, multiplex communication system
48OPNER5No circuit
49RL P/W20Power window (for rear left passenger)
50RR P/W20Power window (for rear right passenger)
51WIP25Windshield wipers and washer
52ECU-IG NO.210Anti-lock brake system, cruise control system, multi-information display, theft deterrent system, vehicle skid control system, meters, multiplex communication system
53CIG15Cigarette lighter
54DOOR NO.125Theft deterrent system, trunk opener, multiplex communication system
55SUN ROOF30Electric moon roof
61DEF40Rear window defogger, noise filter
62PWR SEAT30Power seats
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