1999-2005 Toyota Yaris / Echo / Vitz (XP10) fuse box diagram

We focus on the first-generation Toyota Yaris / Toyota Echo / Toyota Vitz / Toyota Platz (XP10), manufactured between 1999 and 2005. Here, you can access fuse box diagrams for Toyota Yaris models from 1999 to 2005, discover where the fuse panels are inside the vehicle, and understand the function of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Toyota Yaris / Echo / Vitz are the fuse #9 “ACC” (Cigarette Lighter) in the Instrument panel fuse box, and fuse #9 “P/POINT” (Power Outlet).

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

No.NameFuse AmpCircuit
1DOME15Clock, Combination Meter, Double Locking, Headlight, Interior Light, Light Reminder Buzzer, Multi Display, Radio and Player, Wireless Door Lock Control
2EFI15ECT, Engine Control, Engine Immobiliser System
4AM215Charging, Combination Meter, ECT, Engine Control, Multi Display, SRS, Starting and Ignition
5ST30Starting and Ignition
6Not used
7H-LP LH or
10Left-hand Headlight, Headlight Beam Level Control (with Daytime Running Light)
8H-LP RH or
10Right-hand Headlight, Headlight Beam Level Control (with Daytime Running Light)
9P/POINT15Power Outlet
14Not used
15RDI30Radiator Fan and Condenser Fan
16HTR SUB150PTC Heater
17Not used
R1Electric cooling fan
R2Electric cooling fan
R4Not used
R5Power Outlet
R6PTC Heater
R8Magnetic clutch (A/C)

Additional Fuse Box (if equipped)

NoNameFuse AmpCircuit
1H-LP HI RH10Headlight (with Daytime Running Light)
2H-LP HI LH10Combination Meter, Headlight (with Daytime Running Light)
R2Dimmer (DIM)
R3Not used
No.NameFuse AmpCircuit
1MAIN60“EFT, “DOME” “HORN” “ST” “AM2”, “H-LP LH”, “H-LP RH”, “H-LP LH (HI)”, “H-LP RH (HI)” “H-LP LH (LO)” and “H-LP RH (LO)” fuses
2Not used
3ALT120“ECU-B”, “TAIL” “D/L”, “OBD”, “RDI”, “AM1”, “HAZ”, “HTR”, “HTR-SUB1”, “POWER”, “STOP” and “DEF” fuses
4ABS60Anti-lock brake system

Passenger Compartment

No.NameFuse AmpCircuit
1GAUGE10ABS, Air Conditioner, Back-Up Light, Charging, Combination Meter, Door Lock Control, Double Locking, ECT, Engine Control, Headlight (w/ Daytime Running Light), Light Reminder Buzzer, Moon Roof, Power Window, Shift Lock, Turn Signal and Hazard Warning Light, Two Way Flow Heater, Wireless Door Lock Control
2DEF RLY10Rear Window Defogger and Mirror Heater
2DEF20Rear Window Defogger and Mirror Heater
3D/L25Double Locking, Wireless Door Lock Control
4TAIL7.5Front Fog Light, Headlight, Headlight Beam Level Control, Light Reminder Buzzer, Rear Fog Light, Taillight and Illumination
5Not used
6WIPER20Front Wiper and Washer, Rear Wiper and Washer, Door Lock Control
7ECU-B7.5Headlight, Rear Fog Light
8FOG15Front Fog Light
9ACC15Cigarette Lighter, Clock, Combination Meter, Light Reminder Buzzer, Multi Display, Power Outlet, Radio and Player, Remote Control Mirror
10ECU-IG7.5ABS, Interior Light, Multi Display, PTC Heater, Radiator Fan and Condenser Fan, SRS, Two Way Flow Heater
11OBD7.5On-board diagnosis system
12HAZ10Turn Signal and Hazard Warning Light
13A.C.7.5Air Conditioner, Two Way Flow Heater
14S-HTR10Seat Heater
15Not used
16STOP10ECT, Engine Control, Shift Lock, Stop Light
17AM150“ACC”, “GAUGE”, “DEF” (“DEF RLY”,), “S-HTR”, “WIPER”, and “ECU-IG” fuses
18POWER30Moon Roof, Power Window
19HTR40Air Conditioner, Two Way Flow Heater
20DEF30Rear Window Defogger and Mirror Heater
R4Circuit Opening Relay (C/OPN)

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