1997 Ford F150 Fuse Box Diagram

This article is here to help you understand the 1997 Ford F150 fuse box diagram. We’ll go through each fuse and explain what it does, making it easier for you to use your electrical system with confidence.

Note: All information contained in this Quick Reference Guide was accurate at the time of duplication. For detailed operating and safety information, please consult your Owner’s Manual.

1997 Ford F150 Power Distribution Box Diagram

The power distribution box, which houses high-current fuses, is situated in the engine compartment of your vehicle. Lift the cover towards the left of the vehicle to access the power distribution box. These fuses play a crucial role in safeguarding the main electrical systems from overloads, ensuring their proper functioning. The high-current fuses within the power distribution box are coded using a specific system.

Note: In the event that you need to disconnect and reconnect the battery, it's important to note that certain features may require resetting. This step is necessary to restore their functionality.

120Trailer tow backup and tail lamps
210Airbag diagnostic monitor
315Power locks
415Air suspension
615Audio system
12Not used
13Not used
1460/204WABS/rear anti-lock brake
1550Air suspension compressor
1640Trailer tow battery charge and stop/turn lamps
17304WD transfer case shift motor and clutch
1830Driver power seat
1920Fuel pump
2050Instrument panel fuse panel ignition switch feed
2150Instrument panel fuse panel ignition switch feed
2250I/P fuse panel battery feed
2340I/P blower
2430PCM power
2530Power windows
26Not used
27Not used
2830Trailer tow electronic brake
29Not used
1Rear ABS diode
2PCM diode
1Windshield wipers HI/LO speed
2Windshield wipers run/park relay
3Washer pump relay
4Fuel pump relay
5Horn relay
6PCM power relay

1997 Ford F150 Primary battery fuses (mega fuses)

To access the primary battery fuses, you can locate them beneath the cover labeled “PRIMARY BATTERY FUSE,” positioned adjacent to the starter relay.

Note: For optimal maintenance and safety, it is strongly advised to entrust the servicing of Mega fuses exclusively to a skilled and certified service technician.
1175Power network box mega fuse
2175Alternator mega fuse
320Alternator field mini fuse

1997 Ford F150 Engine mini fuse panel

To find the mini fuse panel, you will need to locate the power distribution box. The mini fuse panel is positioned behind the power distribution box. It is crucial to emphasize that any maintenance or inspection of the mini fuse panel should only be carried out by qualified individuals.

15Powertrain control module (PCM)
220Trailer tow stop/turn lamps
3Not used
4Not used
5Not used
6Not used

1997 Ford F150 Instrument Fuse Panel Diagram

Situated conveniently beneath and to the left of the steering wheel, in close proximity to the brake pedal, lies the fuse panel, which acts as the central hub for all the fuses in your vehicle. Once you remove the panel cover, you can effortlessly reach this essential component. To facilitate a seamless process of replacing fuses, providing you with greater ease in upkeeping and diagnosing your electrical system.

115Stop/turn lamps and turn indicators
25Instrument cluster
325Cigarette lighter
45Power mirrors, auto lamp, remote anti-theft/keyless entry, headlamp relay, and parking lamp relay
515Speed control, daytime running lamps, climate control blend door, backup lamps, A/C clutch coil
65Brake-shift interlock, generic electronic module (GEM)/central timer module (CTM), and air suspension module
7Not used
85Radio, remote anti-theft/keyless entry, GEM module/CTM module
9Not used
10Not used
1130Wiper system
125On-board diagnostic (OBD II) data link connector
1315Brake ON/OFF switch, rear anti-lock brake module, and brake pressure switch
1415Interior lamps and accessory delay relay
155GEM module/CTM module
1620High beam headlamps
17Not used
185Instrument illumination
1910Brake ON/OFF switch, rear anti-lock brake module, and brake pressure switch
205GEM module/CTM module and powertrain control module (PCM)
2115Starter relay
2210Airbag diagnostic monitor and passenger airbag deactivation switch
23104WD clutch relay, electronic flasher, 4WD/2WD vacuum solenoids and trailer tow battery charge relay
2410I/P blower relay
2554WABS module and relay
2610Right low beam headlamp and DRL module
275Foglamp relay
2810Left low beam headlamp
295Autolamp, instrument cluster, transmission control indicator lamp, and switch
3030Ignition coils and PCM relay
31Not used
1Interior lamps relay
2Battery saver relay
3Not used
4One touch-down relay
5Accessory delay relay

1997 Ford F150 Standard fuse amperage ratings and colors

Fuse ratingColor
7.5 ampBrown
10 ampRed
15 ampBlue
20 ampYellow
30 ampLight green
30 amp fuse linkPink
40 ampGreen
60 amp fuse linkYellow
80 amp fuse linkBlack
100 amp fuse linkBlue
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